5 Techniques To Double Your Website Traffic

Fetting Traffic on a Website is one of the most difficult part for any successful website. It’s the key to bring more income to your business. This is why it’s essential to draw a strategy to collect as much traffic to your site, as you’re able to. There are several known methods to implement for getting more flow to your site.

Just take care of the quality level of your site and the services you’re offering, run a clever marketing on the site, as well as huge flow will be assured.

Enhance the search engine optimization of the posts on your site. Do your best to share the most optimized posts for your readers. Use high quality images and clear text in your posts.

Consider video marketing as the best helper of your operation. Make it attractive, informative and beautifully constructed.

Make yourself reachable on all the famous social networks. Let readers share your posts net wide.

Use popups to motivate your customers/readers for more profitable actions and enlarge your subscribers list with subscription popups.

Improve The SEO Of Your Posts

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is one of the key factors having the best impact in your website’s success. There are many points to be considered if you want to have a really SEO optimized website.

The first, and the most important one is making sure that your posts are all about the same subject, in general. This is about the sphere you’re writing your posts about and not just writing about one and the same thing literally.

Put an accent on the keywords in your posts. Make sure they are easy to find and are on point, meaning, the keywords are really included in your posts, and they are not just taken to provide popularity to your post.

Another very important, in my opinion, point is the structure of permalinks on your site. Sometimes we meet real ugly and bad permalinks, which just do not look enchanting. It has some negative effect on the users’, and can really affect the SEO of your site.

The correct and beautiful permalink should contain a text, and include keywords of your post. So, when a reader sees the link of the post, it becomes clear for him what the post is.

Take care about the speed of your site. Avoid every single thing that may be slowing your site down.
Website periodical updates are also a great plus for your SEO. Do your best to always stay fresh and up to date.
Avoid plagiarisms and copies in your posts. The texts, as well as the images in your posts should be unique in order to provide a good SEO rank for your website.

Use Video Marketing

video marketing photo

Video popups are the best marketing tools today. Show your video ads inside popups and increase the productiveness of the ad for about 70%. This is a proven method to be sure the video ad will be viewed by a larger audience. There’s hardly a user that will not notice the popping up window with your advertisement inside. So, just keep this in your mind when you’re going to display any video ad on your site.

First of all, the video advertisements, themselves, are very effective if created attractively enough. If you know what you’re offering and promoting, you should think about presenting it in the best enchanting way possible.

Use animations to increase the attractiveness of the ad. Animations are the best enchanting video types for an advertisement today. Just make sure your animation is bright and positive enough to attract visitors and convince them to watch your ad.

Well, when you already have an attractive animation ad recorded, it’s high time to think about the way you want to display it. Popup is the answer! Best method of showing the ad to a wider audience, and the proven way to get more views and deliver your message to your users.
Add your video URL inside a popup and add it to your website, so your users will see your offer when they come over your website.

Social Availability

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Social availability is one of the most important keys to the success of your business. This is kind of a socialized era, so you should operate accordingly not to stay step back from the feed. Social sharing can be better than any other advertisement for your business. People spend most of their time on their social accounts, taking all the news, interesting info and other stuff on the net.

This is why the social sharing is the best and the most effective way of promotion. It’s also the fastest one, as there’s no efforts needed to realize the sharing. You simply hit the “Share/Like/Twit..” button and that’s it! The information is spread on the net and becomes available for a great amount of audience on social accounts.

There are dozens of social sharing tools you can choose from. Simply add social buttons on your site, under your posts, and let people share your stuff, making you more popular every second. People will read your posts, and if they like it, they’ll share it on their social accounts bringing more popularity to your blog.

This will bring a great flow to your website, thus resulting in your business success.

Motivating Popups

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Always remember to motivate your users, if you want some specific actions to do for you. Most of the users need to have something offered that will entice them and convince to make the actions desirable for you.

Important point is to make them believe, that this offer is just great for them. So they will only win if they accept your offer. Like, if you need more users to register an account on your service, you need to convince and motivate them so they can be sure that this is just what they need. You should have something to offer them so they will decide on registering.

Tell them what they will gain if they choose your service. Describe what your service will give them if they take their time to register on your site. Popup Maker, for example, is offering 6 months of free registration for every new registrant on the service. Besides, they slightly explain what the service can be helpful for the users with. They have put the accent on popup marketing, which is really a great idea. You should always have some target point to depend on.

So, what is left for you is just to create a clear popup that will contain the motivating text and a Registration button, that will lead to the registration page when clicked. And, don’t forget to add an alternative button, in case the users are not interested in your offer.

Newsletter Ads

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Another very useful way of marketing is the usage of newsletter. Weekly sent newsletter emails can be a very good way of marketing for your blog. This will provide you with a stable flow on your blog. And, if you have some really good stuff on your blog, the readers will share it in a wider audience, bringing more readers to your blog.

If you’re looking for a great way to send emails to all your audience, here you get the cheapest email marketing software that will help you send emails across.

I mean, the readers are much likely to share your posts if they like the content and the way you’re presenting it to them. This is another point.

What’s no less important in this case, is the fact of having the stable, untouchable flow to the blog. This is when a Subscription popup will help you to involve more stable readers on your blog.

Simply create an enchanting Subscription popup to ask your readers to subscribe to your newsletter and get weekly updates on new posts on the blog. Have some motivating and gripping text included in the popup, along with the main form to subscribe.

And, once again, don’t forget to include an alternative way of choice for your readers. So they can choose not to subscribe to your newsletter if they don’t want to.

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