15 Best Chrome Extension For Bloggers 2022

Looking for the best Chrome extension for bloggers.

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In this post, we’re going to talk about the best 15 Chrome Extensions For Bloggers to make your blogging life more comfortable than before.

Managing a website or blog is not an easy task; it takes a lot of hard work to manage it properly.

A website owner has to organize content, links, and traffic, and so many things to grow his blog or website to the internet.

Google Chrome is one of the most used browsers among internet users for it’s its speed, clean design, and efficient tab management

What is Chrome Extension:- A Google Chrome extension adds some new functionalities to your browser when you add an extension to your browser

The way a WordPress plugin adds new features to a website the same way that a WordPress plugin adds new features to a website.

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Here are the best 15 chrome extension for blogger…

1. MozBar Chrome Extension

The Moz is currently one of the largest SEO companies.

Mozbar is an extension from Moz company, and it’s an all-in-one SEO toolbar for research.

MozBar extension allows you instant metrics while viewing any page or SERP and it instantly assesses the Page Authority and Domain Authority of any site or page.

The Moz access and compare link metrics across pages while viewing any search engine page and show Expose page elements, general attributes, markup, and HTTP status.

Find keywords on a page and show the Followed, No-Followed, External, or Internal links with highlight colors.

Must check it out if you are a blogger or a website owner.

Get MozBar

2. Google Translate

I think no need to introduce the translator of Google.

This extension will help you to translate any line, word, or paragraph on the web browser.

To translate,

Highlight or right-click on a text and click on the extension icon, then it will translate it to your language.

Or, to translate the entire page you’re visiting, just click the extension icon on the browser toolbar and click on ”TRANSLATE THIS PAGE”.

If you area blogger or content creator, you should have used this Google translator.

Google Translate


Grammarly is a writing assistant,

The Grammarly is one of the best grammar checker tool.

If you are creating content for blog, website, or you are a content writer, then I will say this chrome extension is for you to write mistakes free content.

Grammarly extension will help you to reduce writing errors and find the perfect words to expose yourself

You’ll see suggestions from Grammarly as you write on the blog, Google document, Gmail, Twitter, Facebook, and almost everywhere.

Grammarly analyzes writing and suggests to improve your writing and show the perfect word for you.


4. Alexa Traffic Rank

This is a alexa traffic rank checker.

The official Alexa Traffic Rank extension, when clicked, provides Alexa Traffic Rank and site information.

Alexa Traffic Rank is a free extension for Chrome which providing you with Alexa data about the sites you visit without interrupting your browsing.

Get quick and easy access to a site’s Alexa traffic rank and linked sites and compare its traffic to other sites on the web?

The Alexa extension adds you to the Alexa Traffic panel.

Alexa Traffic Rank

5. SEOquake Chrome Extension

The SEOquake is a free plugin that provides you with SEO audit and many other useful tools as well as key SEO metrics.

Allows you to:

  • Review all major metrics of heartbeat
  • Get a detailed analysis of SERPs and export the results in CSV format
  • Instantly guess the keyword difficulty
  • Set the parameters for the search query
  • Run a complete SEO monitoring of a webpage with a check for mobile compatibility.
  • Check your social stats for Facebook and Google+
  • Use wide default parameters or create a custom set
  • Get a full report for internal/external links
  • Determine the concentration of a keyword and configure the stop-word list
  • Compare URLs / Domains


6. SimilarWeb

Similarweb extensions give you the full breadth of Similarweb directly to your browser’s toolbar.

The Similarweb browser extensions give you all the information about a website in one place.

With a single click, you can get in-depth traffic and engagement statistics for any website you browse.

This Similarweb chrome extensions allow you to view website traffic and key metrics for a website, including engagement rate, traffic ranking, keyword ranking, and traffic source.


7. WhatRuns

The WhatRuns is an extension to find technologies used on any website you visit by one click.

The framework, Web Technologies – WhatRuns identifies almost everything that runs a website.

WhatRuns allows seeing the Developer Tools and Ad Networks to WordPress Plugins and Themes, even the new and upcoming tools and services.

You can follow any websites that notify you when they use new technology or delete existing websites.


8. AdBlock

The AdBlock’s block ads everywhere on the web, including YouTube, Facebook, and Twitch, etc.

Adblock protects your browser from malware and prevents advertisers from accessing your browsing records and personal information.


  • Block pop-ups, ads, and annoying banners, and also video ads.
  • protect your privacy by Blocking third-party trackers
  • Browse safely by blocking malware, scams, and malware by cryptocurrency miners
  • Customize your experience with Ters filters, whitelist, dark mode, and other color themes
  • Get fast, friendly support from The Adblock team, with a great support center that allows you to solve problems independently.
  • Chrome Backup and sync your whitelist and custom adblocking rules across your Chrome profile
  • Enjoy custom adblocking by replacing some ads


9. Nofollow

The Nofollow chrome extension detects nofollow and noindex meta tags on webpages

When you add the nofollow extension to Chrome, all nofollow backlinks will be lined up with red dotted boxes and the remaining links will be doll-follow backlinks.

If you are a blogger, this Nofollow extension will help you a lot to find the dofollow and nofollow link.

Don’t need to check it manually again and again.


10. CSSViewer

CSSViewer is a simple CSS properties viewer.

To view any CSS properties, simply click the toolbar icon and then hover over any element you want to inspect in the current page.

The CSSView requires permission to access your history and website data but never collects or transmits your personal data.


11. Awesome Screenshot

Awesome Screenshot is a full-Screen Capture page screenshot and Screen recorder extension.

It allows to Capture any web page, desktop capture, adds annotations, comments, blurs sensitive info, and share with one-click uploads.

The default option for saving an image is now saving the image at awesome screenshot.com without time limit.

When the blogger writes a review post, sometimes they need to take a long screenshot for the post, but they can’t take long, and that’s a problem.

This chrome extension will solve this problem easily.

Awesome Screenshot

12. Print-Friendly & PDF

This is a pdf maker extension that you can make pdf of any webpage.

Print-Friendly & PDF allow to Create PDFs for archiving, sharing, or archiving and include clickable links and source URLs so that you can continue interacting.

It removes ads, navigation, and junk before your print and optimized for the ultimate print reading experience.

You can delete any content by clicking before printing, like images or even individual images also can change the size of the text from large to small.


  • Print Preview
  • Save as PDF
  • Email Page
  • Remove Images and text
  • Change font size

Print-Friendly & PDF

13. Word Counter Plus

Word Counter Plus is a useful and straightforward tool that lets you inspect the statistics of selected text on the web.

To see the numbers of the word, just highlight text and right-click on it, and select the Word Counter Plus menu item, then It will tell you the number of words and characters on the selected text.

This extension is very useful blogger or content creator because they wanted to know the number of words and characters they have written.

They need to go to another website to check the number of words, but this extension will help you to count instantly without leaving the page.

Word Counter Plus

14. Keyword Surfer

Keyword Surfer is a free extension that lets you see search volumes in Google search.

This is one of the fastest ways to show search data and perform keyword research in Google Search engine.

When you type your target phrase and press Enter, you’ll see search phrases, keyword suggestions, related terms, visibility metrics, and on-page data on the webpage.

Keyword Surfer allows you to find the best keywords, determine their difficulty, and plan your content.

For every new search in Google, you’ll get invaluable data.

Keyword Surfer

15. Seek Subtitles For YouTube

This is youtube subtitles viewer.

The Seek subtitles take video subtitles and puts them in a vertical, scroll-enabled, and searchable format.

So that you can access relevant information very quickly, skip intros, and irrelevant filler contents.

If you are reviewing any product, company that time you need information about that company or product, but you can get information by this extension from a youtube video.

By this extension, you can copy subtitles from videos, and that can help you to make review content.

Seek Subtitles For YouTube

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In this post, I wanted to tell you about the 15 Chrome Extensions For Bloggers. That will make your blogging life more comfortable than before.

All of these 15 chrome extensions I personally use and these made my blogging life more easy and comfortable.

I hope that these 15 Chrome Extensions will help you a lot. If you have any questions about this post, please leave a comment on comment sections bellow.

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