How To Add Live Chat On WordPress Website

Wanna learn how to add live chat feature on your wordpress website?

You are right on the web page to find to add live chat feature on your WordPress blog or website.

In this post, I will show you step by steps on how to add Tidio live chat on a WordPress website with the best live chat plugin.

What Is Live Chat?

Live chat is the best way to instantly communicate with your website visitors via messaging.

When visitors come to your website live popup will appear on the visitor’s browser to chat with the site authority.

Live chat facilities help the visitors to know website services information/ any offers details instantly.

Benefits Of Having Live Chat On Website

  • Helps to increase sales and conversions
  • Easily build trust with buyers or customers
  • It helps to Improve website experience
  • You can understand your customer needs better
  • This is the best and faster way to solve the problem
  • You can increase customer satisfaction
  • Live chat reduces support costs

so, must have live chat on your WordPress website to achieve the benefit of the live chat feature.

Now let’s go to the main part of how to add live chat.

Here we are going to use the free version of Tidio live chat. If you want to upgrade, you can according to needs.

Tidio Live Chat has many amazing features for which I chose this live service.

How To Add Live Chat On WordPress Website

Here I will show you how to add live chat on a WordPress website in three simple steps. So make sure to follow these steps to add a live chat feature on your website.

  1. Install the Tidio live chat plugin
  2. Create an account on Tidio website
  3. Configure the settings and design

Let’s follow the steps properly one by one and add live chat on our Worpress blog or website.

01. Install The Plugin

First go to your wordpress dashboard,

Now click on the Plugin >Add new button from the menu items and search for the Tidio live chat.

After searching Tidio live chat, you will get the plugin in the first position. Now click on the Install >Activate button to complete the installation process.

Now we have successfully installed the Tidio live chat on our wordpress.

Let’s create an account on Tidio website.

02. Create an account

To create an account click on the Tidio plugin from the menu items.

Then you will get the following Email submission page.

Here you need to enter your Email address on the Email Box and after that click on the ”Let’s go” button.

After that, you will be redirected to the Tidio website to create an account to add live chat with your website.

Here you need to enter your name, upload photo, select colors, and select your language then click on the ”Continue” button.

Put your account information here,

  • Enter your website
  • Select your country
  • Enter your Email Address
  • Select your website category
  • Thick (✔) Terms & conditions

After filling all the information, now click on the ”Continue” button to complete the steps.

Then another step will come in front of you and here you need to select your first chatbot message.

This message will show up when a new visitor will visit your website and will ask to start the chat.

You can customize the message according to you form the right side under the preview message.

After completing the process, just click on the ”Continue” button then you will get the ”Password set” window.

Enter the same password whatever you want in the both box and click on the ”Change password” button.

Now we have successfully complete step two. Let’s go for the third step to configure the Tidio live chat.

03. Configure the Settings and Design

This is the final steps of how to add live chat on wordpress.

After setup your password, you will get your Tidio live chat dashboard. Now just click on the ”setting” icon from the left side of the dashboard.

You will get above interface and three kinds of settings

  1. Channels settings
  2. Personal settings
  3. General settings

So, let’s configure all the settings step by step and start with the Channel settings.

01. Channels settings

Under this setting, you will be able to customize your live chat page and here you will get,

  • Live Chat
  • Email
  • Messenger

Now let’s go for describe all the settings one by one.

Live Chat

Under this live chat settings you will get following feature.

  • Appearance
  • Sidebar
  • Integration
  • Chat Page


Under this Appearance you will get following feature.

  • Widget Settings
  • Get Started
  • Mobile Widget
  • Pre-chat Survey
  • Multilanguage

Widget Settings

From here, you will be able to fully control your chat page, whatever you want.

You can select your favorite color for your chat page from the ”background color” option.

Chat visibility feature allows to enable and disable the chat button on desktop and mobile device.

You can change the online and offline status message according to you whatever you want or needs.

Also can change the chat page position left and right sides according to your needs.

If you need to change the live chat button text label or enable or disable, you can from the menu items. And also has chat sound feature.

You can see the changes live form right side by the preview options and that’s all.

Get Started

This setting is for what the live chat response will be when this visitor visits the website.

You can change the text message according to you and your website needs.

Mobile Widget

This setting is for mobile devices, how Tidio live chat will look like.

From here you can set the button position for smartphone devices and also can increase and decrease the button size.

Pre-chat Survey

By this Pre-chat Survey feature, you can ask name, email and phone number from the visitor before starting conversations.

To enable this feature first enable the ”Display” button and select from the ”Survey Fileds” then click on the ”Add” button.

You can change the text message form the ”message” option.


By this options you can add multiple language.

To add multiple languages click on the selection box and select the language then click on the ”Add” button.


By enabling the sidebar feature, you can set your chat button on the right or left side of your post.

First enable the option then click on the ”save” button. You can change the color and text message of the button.


Integration is the way to connect your website with Tidio without plugin.

You can integrate with following software and follow their guide on how to add code.

If you want to connect with wordpress, just click on wordpress and copy code and paste it on your website.

After pasting on your website, you will see this (The chat code is installed properly) message that means the site is now connected.

Chat Page

Here will get your chat page settings like Background Color, Company logo, Company URL, message, Chat Page URL, etc.


With Tidio you can easily connect your mailbox and receive or send emails directly from the app.


If your website has a Facebook fan page, you can easily connect the page with the Tidio live chat and receive message in Tidio.

First login your Facebook account then select your page and get message in Tidio mobile application.

02.Personal settings

Under the personal settings, you will get these three settings Account, Notifications, Operating Hours.

Let’s see one by one.


Here you will get your personal information like Name, picture, Email, Password, Region.

If you want to to change these informations you can change from here.


Here you can add New Chat Request and New Message tone and change the tone.

Also can add Email to get instant email when a visitor come to your website.

Operating Hours

This is the most important settings for live chat and By this feature, you can set your operating hours.

And you can also add your holiday or offline day from the bottom of the page.

03. General settings

Under the ”General” settings you will get so many setting but I will show you some important settings.

These four (Quick Responses>Operators>Desktop & Mobile), settings are important

Let’s describe all the settings one by one.

Quick Responses

Quick Responses are previously prepared replies to your most frequent questions.

You can add new prepared replies by clicking on the ”Add” button or edit existing ones.

Here you should write common questions answer to your website, product, or service.


Add operator is the best way to manage your live chat.

Add operators If your website or service big and you have so many visitor the website and you can’t manage chat messagess.

Fill the form and click on the Add new button and send the password to your desired person.

Desktop & Mobile

This is the most important feature of this live chat.

From here you can download the desktop and mobile apps and manage your live chat and chat with the customers.

First, download your desired apps by clicking on the button and install it to your desktop or mobile.

Now login to your Tidio account from your apps providing your desired email address and password.

After login, you can manage your Tidio live chat from your mobile or desktop apps.

That’s all of how to add live chat on wordpress.


In this post, I guide you on how to add live chat on a WordPress blog or website with the best plugin. By following these steps I hope that you will be able to add live chat on your site.

If you have any questions about this live chat article, please leave a comment on comment sections bellow.

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