What is Off-Page SEO and How to Do It?

Drawing more attention to your website can be a challenge. Especially with other websites clamoring for attention.This is why we are going to talk about the off-page SEO in today’s article.

With 1.8 billion websites online and counting, you have to compete with a lot of them. Although the active websites amount to less than 200 million, it would look like an uphill battle.

You can do something to bring more visitors and customers to your website. Taking steps to step up with your SEO can do wonders for your website. Do note that you have two approaches to this: on-page and off-page SEO.

Today, we will look at how you can take advantage of these aspects. Most especially with off-page SEO when you feel like you’ve done everything on your website.

How SEO Works: On-Page vs. Off-Page

To start, let’s look at SEO briefly as a quick refresher. Among the tools that you can use to bring more traffic to your website, SEO provides you with organic growth. You achieve this through various methods such as the use of keywords and quality content.

The goal of SEO is to bring the search engine’s algorithm to bring your website to the top of the search results. For this to work out, you have to take various steps to push your website out. This is where the two methods come to play as they have two different approaches.

On-Page SEO involves the use of strategies and methods to boost your website’s rankings. These strategies involve working on adjustments to optimize your website for better results. You do this through the use of keywords and tags.

Off-Page SEO has you venturing outward. This time, your strategies involve taking actions outside your website.

This is to raise your rank and bring more visitors to you. For this, you look towards link building and content marketing.

How Off-Page SEO Works and What it Builds Up

Employing both on-page and off-page SEO can do wonders for your website. Each aspect covers every possible area to bring the algorithm to help your website.

On-Page SEO focuses on building up visibility in search engines. While you have on-page SEO covering that aspect, off-page SEO focuses on boosting your SERP. This is an area of the search engine that continues to have a flux due to the changes that appear in each search.

What off-page SEO does for this aspect is that it builds something beyond visibility. It involves the promotion of your website through the other actions you take. You achieve this with link building, guest posting, and much more.

The common form that it takes is link building. Where you use backlinks to bring more potential visitors to your website.

Other forms you can use involve the use of content creation. This involves the use of external links that would come back to you.

In a sense, off-page SEO can behave in the same virtue as word of mouth. The more people notice your website or your business in various content, they pay attention to you.

Off-Page SEO Techniques

Now that we know how off-page search engine optimization works, let us look at the techniques that you can use. You can use these approaches. It will help bring more to your website while contributing to boosting your SERP. Some of these might be techniques that you already do.

Shareable Content

One method that you can take advantage of is through creating shareable content. With SEO, content creation helps your case.

In this case, it helps bring the search algorithm to see your website’s relevance. Creating quality content that is also available for sharing.

Through this method, you provide quality content. At the same time, you promote your credibility on the matter. It can prove useful in bringing more visitors to your website.

Guest Posts

The other method you can use is by authoring guest posts. You can check out the various websites and blog sites that open slots for guest posts. These websites receive them and have them posted to their websites.

For this approach, you can use this as an opportunity to share your expertise through the post or article. Here, they can see what your site has to offer.

As a pointer in conducting guest posts, make sure to spread out to other websites.

Make sure that these websites offer slots for guest content. This helps you more in terms of reach when compared to guest posting more than once on the same website.

Influencer Outreach

Another method that you can use without using links on a website is to get in touch with an influencer. Using shareable content, you can show them to an influencer and have them check it out. You can also ask for their backlinks while you’re at it.

For this, you need to contact influencers from your industry. This works great as they would have an in-depth idea of what your fields of expertise are. While doing this, also make sure that you have the links from relevant domains.

Sharing Video Content

Among the shareable content that you can use for off-page SEO is through videos. The video content that you produced can gain traction when you also have them uploaded on video submission websites.

When doing this, make sure to give your videos a proper title and other relevant information. This includes the description and tags, as well as reference links.

What is the good thing about the video approach? It is that you can also get the attention of potential visitors who browse through the website.

The beauty of this is that it makes the videos easy to find and share. You can fetch a link or embed the video without a problem while the video hosting site manages it.

Sharing Images and Infographics

You also have dedicated websites where you can put your images and infographics for easier sharing. This still connects to providing shareable content. This time, you have a different site hosting your content for an easier way to share them.

Do note that you should also optimize your images with a proper title, tags, and description. This way, you can ensure that they appear as both visible and relevant while pointing back to your website.

Infographics rose in popularity due to their creative presentation. This makes it a popular choice for shareable content that can point towards your website.

Join and Engage via Question and Answer

Going for a more engaging approach? The Question-and-Answer websites work well in such an avenue.

For this, consider joining high-profile question-and-answer sites and look for the questions related to your business field or those related to your blog or website. From the questions that you find, provide an answer to these questions and then give a link to your website.

This approach works great as a means to draw in more people while helping them with their questions. Check out websites like Quora and eHow and consider joining there. It could work out as an opportunity to both enlighten and influence.


Sending regular newsletters is another solution that you can try for your off-page SEO. These tend to be short and easy to read through. While that may be the case, it is also one that needs preparation with what content you would be including in the newsletter.

A tip for this approach is to provide relevant info in the newsletter. After that, set the newsletter according to the local timing of the audience. This should help in bringing people to read your newsletters.

Social Media and Off-Page SEO

A major player for off-page SEO is the use of social media. With its reach, interactivity, and ease, you can take advantage of these sites to work as a means to advertise your website and engage your customers.

Each social media website has its approaches to posting and engagement. Its algorithm is also a different type of beast. It lets you figure out how to engage your audience on each of the platforms.

For instance, Facebook opens up with its method of engagement with a mix of photos, videos, and text posts. Meanwhile, Instagram brings up video clips and photos into the feed or timeline for others to see.

The beauty of social is in how it also becomes a one-stop-shop for answers to those who need it. Customers, both old and new, would turn to Social Media and follow the pages. Here, they get a better chance of getting responses from you or the business.

The best that you can do with this setup is to leverage it. Engage and establish connections while upholding relevance and providing quality content.

Step Up with your Off-Page SEO Today

Off-Page SEO may seem different at first glance. The tasks involved, instead, would seem familiar as it tackles on engagement and other forms of connections outside of your website. Take on these various strategies and bring your website further into relevance.

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