Don’t Use Free Web Hosting Unless You See This! – Truth Of Free Hosting

All successful bloggers said that we should not use free website hosting. But have you every thought that why they are telling this thing ? If not then you should know about the darkside of free hosting and domain.

As you know that if you want to do blogging then you must need a domain name and hosting space but on some places you can get free domain name and hosting , but what’s their real motive behind it ? Let me tell you all the thing so make sure to read the full article , because it is going to be very important.

This free web hosting and domain is very attractive to beginners because of low budget and on internet there are many companies who are providing hosting with free domain.

In this article we are going to discuss about that why don’t you use freehosting. Let’s get started.

What is Free Web Hosting ?

As this name shows that there are some companies who are providing the platform which are required in making a free site , that is called free website.

All the beginners who want to create a blog or website they always tries to find a way from which they can spend less and because of this they always in a search for this type of tricks to get free website hosting or domain , like : how to host a website for free , free wordpress hosting , free hosting sites , free domain hosting , free php hosting etc.

And with these situation they succeed in finding a website who provide free hosting with cpanel , they’ll get all the things for free and this thing really make those beginners happy. But this only the front-end thing they don’t know the thing of back-end.

Extremely Slow Websites

These Free Website Hosting Provider Host thousands of website on a single server and because of that website load a lot slower which is not good for your SEO or for your visitors , slow websites increases your bounce rate and it’ll effect your ranking on google search results.

Much Unprofessional Web Address

If you are using these kind of free website hosting provider like infinity free hosting then you already saw the web address of those website which gives was much unprofessional look like : , and this is absolutely not professional. It means the content you are making and your hardwork on these website are going to waste , if there are no one to see it.

And you even can’t able to design your site in a professional way.

And your visitors not gonna take you seriously because of this type of unprofessional web address. And if you ask for a custom domain from that free hosting provider then they will ask for you money.

Their Trial Service Are Not Free

As you see in their offer “Free Web Hosting” but most of their services are limited and after they expires you need to pay them money which is 2x more than normal web hosting service.

And during signup process if you give them your credit card detail then there is chances they will cut money without asking.

There Are Hidden Charges In Free Website Hosting

As the other business this free hosting business also need money in order to continue their business so these companies provides some additional services like – image hosting , email accounts , FTP access , Website Transfer And they demand money for these services. You need paid plan for that services.

They Can Lock Your Data

Mostly blogger start their carrier with free website and when they earn for a paid hosting they’ll turn towards paid services.

But these free hosting providers doesn’t provide you any tool from which you can easily migrate , because they don’t want their customer to go somewhere else. Hence , you need to hire an Freelancer to migrate and they will charge you money.

Irrelevant Advertisements Starts Shown Automatically On Your Website

The main source of these free hosting provider companies is ads. When you create website using their free platform and when you create content the ads will be automatically starts shown on your website.

Mostly these ads are irrelevant and you can’t able to do anything about it.

They Can Shut Down Your Website AnyTime

When you making your site on these platforms maybe you doesn’t read their T&C (Terms and coniditions). Their T&C clearly says that they can shut down your website anytime they want and without giving any reason. And there is no control panel for doing any changed in your hosting.

And after shutdown they don’t provide you any data or backup.

You’ll Lose Your Site Address

It happens sometimes that they stop their services without giving any notice or warning and because of that there is a chances that you will lose your site address.

If that happens you can’t able to redirect your new website to your previous one. In short you’ll lose your all site and it’s data.

They Can Sell Your Data Or Information

Remember this thing that every company need money in order to continue their services and if any company isn’t charging any fees from you then it means you are like a product to them.

They already had your information like email , content etc. They can easily sell these information to earn money and you can’t do anything about it because most of the peoples don’t read their terms and conditions.

No Website Building Tools

As compare to other paid web hosting services these free ones don’t provide much tools to make your website professional and in the end your website doesn’t even come into the comparison. There is no website builder tool available for that. You can’t able to do website designed

No Security

These website don’t know what security is and because of that hackers can hack you site easily and do whatever they want and because of that there is high chances that you will lose your data. They doesn’t take responsibility of security and because of that bloggers need to face a lot of problems.

Limited Bandwidth

These free hosting providers provide very low bandwidth and because of that blogger faces a lot of problems during the website operations and this thing is totally not good for any website or blogger.

Low Disk Storage

As we already know that these free website hosting services host thousands on website on a Single server. So probably you can assume that how much space allocate will be available for 1 website.

All websites got very small space and if your sites extends a bit , you need to pay money for extra space.

Low Credibility Among Your Users

The long you use these kinds of free services your audience not gonna trust you nor your information and they even don’t share your site with anyone else.

And in the end your main motive will came to an end of making a website or blog.

No Help Or Customer Services

As for the other web hosting services there is no help or customer support services available on free hosting services websites. You need to solve your problems yourself.


You just waste your time with these type of free hosting providers

if you are serious about blogging and want to make a carrier in it. Then bro i must suggest to invest money in hosting and domain you don’t need to buy a whole house for that , you just need to pay 45$ (3270 INR.) You can get a reliable domain from godaddy. But i must suggest to buy hosting from hostinger along side with that you will get free domain and free SSL and you can add 100 website to that hosting.

I hope after this article you won’t go on google and search for best web hosting with free domain or best free hosting for wordpress 2019 or 2021.

So buy a reliable hosting and start building your blog with full dedication and with no fear of getting hacked or data loss or getting your website deleted. Hostinger is one of the best hosting platform for beginners.

I hope you got to know about the darkside of free web hosting. 🙂

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